Silver – Friend of Water

Who does not know Ganga, where people are buried and waste is deposited? But do you know that people also take water from Ganga and bring clay jars over a distance of up to 1000 km? And this water is not being spoiled for months even in great heat...

“Silver” is the reason, which is very widely used in healing by the masters of Tibetan medicine and their students in China, India, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and elsewhere. In Europe, the silver water was discovered in 1893, when anode and cathode was immersed into the container with water for the first time - pure silver rods that were connected to the current. As a result, when oxygen and hydrogen were combined, the water became enriched with silver ions.

We know that any antibiotic can kill 5-10 types of bacteria. Silver water can kill 650-700 types! So any silver water is 90 times stronger than penicillin. Any antibiotics we produce and use cause bacterial mutation and we will never be able to gain this battle - we will need ever stronger and stronger drugs that will soon stop healing.

From the early past century up to 1930s, the silver water in Europe was widely used in clinics where psoriasis, asthma, allergic diseases, gastric ulcers, duodenal inflammation, infectious diseases, dysentery, various types of fungal diseases were successfully treated with very good results.

The typhus dies in silver water in two hours, dysentery in 30-40 minutes - we can cite more and more. In addition, it occurs in normal silver water, not in concentrated. If we increase the concentration, the water will perfectly fit for external use, for example, for fungi and various skin diseases, hordeolum externum - it should be warmed up to body temperature and 30-40 minutes should be spent in the bath.

Oleg Auzer, who is not only jeweller and artist, but also an expert in eastern wisdom, makes silver water by himself, by using it for various purposes - in food, washing, gives it to pets. Products cooked with silver water do not spoil, retain their original tastiness. It is very good to keep cut flowers in such water - they do not dry up for nearly a month.

Every visitor of the Silver Live Museum in Riga will have the opportunity to taste silver water as well as to learn the benefits it can give to the human health.